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Michinoku Superhuman Legend "Hokuten Kijintan Acro-Oh Ateru Z" Episode Final Farewell My Beloved
劇団 短距離男道ミサイル
2 0 21 . 5.27-6.7
  Sendai Theatre Studio 10-BOX box-1


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Schedule / Venue

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*The performance is scheduled to last approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. There will be no intermission.

schedule / venue

Ticket ( All seats reserved, tax included )

 Theater tickets

General advance ticket: 3,500 yen / General reservation: 3,900 yen

   VIP    5,500 yen

Student advance ticket: 2,500 yen    / General reservation: 2,900 yen

* Limited quantity, guaranteed front row center block , and special bonus

* Advance tickets can be purchased from your local ticket agency, and reservations can be made on the theater company's official website.

*When purchasing a student ticket, please bring your student ID card on the day.

*Same-day tickets will be available for purchase from 30 minutes before the start of the show, for an additional 500 yen on top of the reservation fee.

There are also a variety of discounts available!

[Instant Orgasm Discount]

Performances from May 27th (Thurs) to 30th (Sun) will have a 500 yen discount on all ticket prices!

[ Michinoku Hero Discount] *Reservations only

  If you are visiting from the six Tohoku prefectures and think you are a hero, if you can convince the staff with your own hero legend, you will receive a 300 yen discount in recognition of your achievement!

  *Please apply through the official website . Please write "Hero Legend" in the comments section when making your reservation.

[ Our Rival Discount] *Reservations only, no individual billing

  If you make a reservation and come as a group of three, you will receive a 300 yen discount per person!

  *Please apply via the official website . If the number of participants decreases on the day, the general admission fee will be applied.

[Future Hero Discount] *Available for pre-order only

  You are the missiles of the future! No! You are heroes! Free admission for elementary school students and younger!!!

  *Please apply via the official website .

Ticket handling - PLAY GUIDE -

 Advance tickets

Tickets can be purchased at any play guide. Only general tickets and student tickets are available.

Customers who wish to purchase tickets using the Michinoku Hero Discount, Our Rivals Discount, or Future Hero Discount should make their reservation through the theater company's official website.

Ticket Pia

TEL ] 0570-02-9999 (P - Code: 506-117)
Storefront ] Seven-Eleven multi-copy machine


Storefront ] FamilyMart FamiPort

Lawson Ticket

Storefront ] Lawson, Ministop Loppi (L code: 21615)



You can reserve a seat for a specific date and time. Please pay for the ticket at the reception desk on the day of the performance.

Please be sure to exchange your ticket 10 minutes before the start of the show . If you do not redeem your ticket, your reservation will be cancelled and you will be asked to purchase a same-day ticket.

Play guide


Akihiro Kohama and Keisuke Takenaga

Warrior Master Takumi Saito and Ryo Honda

Yuuki Kanzaki  Kazuya Misawa



Yuki Kanzaki Kazuya Misawa



Written and directed by Honda Ryo

Art direction: Kazuya Misawa

Lighting: Yuuki Kanzaki

Sound: Satoshi Nakata (PORTALACT)

Sound operation: Yuji Yamaguchi (Sound Kitchen)

Video: Shun Sasa

Costumes and props: Mai Takahashi (Kometaro Hobby Shop)

Stage director: Kazuyuki Yamazawa

Illustration: Arasuke

Public Relations: Tamura Miki

Production cooperation: Kazumi Sasaki, Ryue Ishi, Gochi Brothers

Produced by: Hiromi Akabane

Planning and production: Short Distance Man-Do Missile Theatre Company


Copyright© Theatre Company “MICHInoX” All Rights Reserved.

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