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Ateruzume Z flyer and poster project has begun!

The 36th Short Range Man-Do Missile from the Theater Company, Mutsu Superman Legend "Hokuten Kijintan Acro-Oh Ateru Z" Episode Final Farewell My Beloved

...We will deliver flyers and posters to you!

Websites and social media just aren't enough! I want to get flyers and posters! I want to enjoy the feel of paper! I want to advertise by posting them in my store! I even want to decorate the walls of my room!
Missile will deliver flyers and posters to you!
We look forward to receiving applications from analog lovers for whom data alone is not enough.

*This project is aimed at customers who have had fewer opportunities to obtain flyers due to the decrease in theater performances caused by the spread of COVID-19, and who have found it difficult to obtain flyers due to the self-restraint on going out, so that they can enjoy the theatrical experience of enjoying flyers at home, even if it is just a little.
Basically, we plan to send one flyer to each person who requests one. However, we will send multiple flyers to people who live with you or who will help us distribute flyers at stores, schools, etc., so please enter the number of flyers you would like in the comments section below.
Please note that we have a limited number of sheets, so we would appreciate it if you could fill out as many as possible so that we can distribute them.

Inquiries: Short Distance Man-Do Missile Theatre Company

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